Friday, December 23, 2011

Little Lovely Baby Baptism

Today I am sharing some images from a Baptism I shot this past weekend. Paula and Sandra are the proud parents of this darling little cherub named Amalia, whom I have to say was such a pleasure to work with as she had the biggest, bluest eyes (just like her mother!) which were always fixed on the excitement whirling around her throughout the day. I have to say that this was such a fun experience-the family are Portuguese and were so friendly and playful, with so much positive energy fueling the celebrations from dawn til dusk!

Monday, December 12, 2011


Now this was a fun little project! 'CUPID'S BOW' is a small collection created by one of the lovely ladies that models for me on occasion. After our original shoot location was rained out by the horrific sydney weather we've been having lately, we high tailed it to the dryest location possible to initiate Plan B...a daggy old kitchen in all of its original 1978 architectural glory. But as always, it was nothing that a few well placed petals couldn't remedy. A couple hours later, all hopped up on ginger beer and cookies, we had accomplished our mission without suffering one single frizz inducing raindrop-what more can a photographer ask for?

Friday, December 2, 2011

Australian Centre of Photography Brochure

This post is a few months behind, but better late than never! My course at the Australian Centre of Photography earlier in the year was quite fruitful, leading to my first "published" image, in the form of a page in the ACP Brochure. The day they asked me for permission to use the image was also the day I found out I was a winner in the bi-annual photographic exhibition held the week before (which I had not gone to as I assumed I wouldn't win!) Well, lesson learned thats for sure...

A Secret Garden

Recently I was out scouting photography locations for a series of images I am trying to complete, when I came across this little oasis in the middle of the city. The hill was completely covered in a thick Ivy carpet, and shaded under some very "Grimms Fairytale-esque" looking trees. I was particularly enraptured with this little scene because given its location, I doubt human feet have touched this Ivy patch for many years, hence giving it the ability to grow so thick and far. I immediately knew it would be a perfect home for a floating fair maiden-for she too never touches the ground, as a weightless spirit who is carried on the wind through the ancient trees...

Valentines Day Wedding

A few months ago a gorgeous girl by the name Annette Twemlow invited some of her closest family and friends for an intimate  early morning wedding in the Botanical Gardens on Valentines Day. The reason for the early time slot was to accommodate the Channel Ten filming crew so that they may use the footage on that evenings news. In addition to this, Annette had also won a trip to Las Vegas for her honeymoon, which meant that the Las Vegas Tourism crew were also on the scene to film and photograph the occasion. Did I mention they had two Las Vegas Showgirls in FULL showgirl garb to add to the ambience, as well as a huge hot pink wedding cake? Well, they did! So whilst Annette and her hubby-to-be exchanged vows, they were circled constantly by a swarm of cameramen and photographers. Once they said "I Do" the crew dispersed and I was able to shoot what I could, later photoshopping the image to produce a moment that technically never happened that way. I would never normally fiddle with a wedding photograph so much, but given the circumstances, it was a great little challenge for me also! The end result is quite a "Hyper Real" image, quirky and fun. The happy couple said it was the coolest wedding photo they'd ever seen, and thats good enough for me!


"For you were made from dust and to dust you will return"
Today I thought I might share a little sneaky peek of a recent project that I've been working on. In a nutshell, Danse Macabre is a womenswear collection designed by the fashionably fabulous budding designer Stephanie Caltabiano who explains "The adornment of the body is a portrayal of each fragment of the story of a contemporary Frida Kahlo. Glamour and grit, pain and love, freedom and restraint are contrasting themes depicted as characteristics of the heroine. Elements of the Day of the Dead culture are expressed in a feminine and artistic play on macabre imagery." 
Needless to say, the collection transcends your "run of the mill" fashion creations by intertwining itself with philosophical concepts and ideas that push the boundaries of our understanding of life and death, and of course, Fashion. To design a dress may be no great challenge to some, but to produce a dress that challenges the wearer to confront their existential position? Now that's an achievement. That is Art.