Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pet Photography

On a recent trip to the Southern Highlands, I fell in love with a Dalmatian named Molly who lives on a horse farm where I was shooting for a couple days. I have to stop and rethink the phrase "a dogs life" as Molly spends her days paddling in the pond shaded by weeping willows, chasing foals and snoozing under the rose covered barn. Bliss! Molly's owner asked me to take a picture of her whilst I was visiting, however she was a little camera shy. So I turned my back on her for a minute to photograph a passing pony- when I turned around again there she was, quietly and curiously watching me. As she flopped down to sit I captured this image. I especially love the little swing of her ear caused by the motion of lazily letting her hind legs hit the grass. What a gorgeous creature, I think you would agree!